photo jellevalk


Jelle Valk is a graffiti artist, designer and visual thinker. The world of street art attracted him at a young age. The anonymity, the pace, the location-specific work, the culture and the close crew’s are a great inspiration to him. (It’s no coincidence that when you turn WERC around, it says CREW.)

Jelle is always working on new ways to completely transform a space visually and loves to create location-specific installations. With his graffiti background, Jelle has developed a sharp eye and a great sensitivity for shapes. Visually a work has to be completely right and only when every aspect of it is right, Jelle claims the work is finished.

Jelle challenges himself in every project, does extensive research and never simply wants to repeat a skill or trick. Because of this way of working, he has a wide range of knowledge and skills in the field of spatial design and (digital) production techniques.