photo 1954 We Are Almost There


On behalf of Lân fan taal WERC projected visuals on the famous Oldehove tower in Leeuwarden during a period of three months. Lân fan taal was a collaboration between the many institutions in Friesland that deal with literature, minority languages and multilingualism. As part of Leeuwarden Cultural Capital, WERC was involved in a multilingual audiovisual production called “1954 - We are almost there”.

Central to this production were the many languages from the Kingdom of the Netherlands (Dutch, Frisian, Sranang Tongo, English and Papiamentu). In ‘1954 - We are almost there,’ the old texts of these different languages were combined. Together with VANTA, a musical and spoken word collective, WERC designed a video projection that was approached from a historical context.

Based on the music and lyrics that VANTA provided, WERC produced the images for this project. The focus of the project was on the visual aspect of language, typography and text. A key feature in this projection were illustrative elements. For this project, WERC chose many hand-drawn and colorful frame-by-frame animations. Dutch rapper Fresku was also involved in this project, rapping in Papiamentu for the first time in his career.

With the project ‘1954 - We are almost there,’ VANTA, WERC and Fresku transformed the square at the Oldehove tower in Leeuwarden into an unforgettable, spatial experience that stimulated the auditory and visual senses of the visitors.


  • Performed
  • Oldehove Tower, Leeuwarden, The Netherlands
  • Year
  • 2018
  • Duration
  • October - December
  • Type
  • Performance

  • files
  • Hand drawn animation, typography, video projection
  • Collaboration
  • Fresku, VANTA
  • Photos
  • Lucas Kemper
  • Sound
  • Fresku, VANTA

ga naar 80K laser projectors to videomap the oldehove tower
80K laser projectors to videomap the oldehove tower
ga naar WERC collaborates with Dutch rapper Fresku for project 1954 - we zijn we bijna
WERC collaborates with Dutch rapper Fresku for project 1954 - we zijn we bijna
Fresku, born in Eindhoven as Roy Michael Reymound, had his breakthrough in 2008. The well-known rapper is a true storyteller, who combines humor and candor. In ‘1954’ he will rap in Papiamentu for the first time.