photo Backlight


With Backlight, WERC dissected hundreds of smartphones and brought them back to their true essence: a box with a homogeneous, white light.

The installation is inspired by the many faces you see on the street, which are constantly illuminated by their smartphone screens.

With Backlight, the members of WERC create an immersive experience in which the public experiences a space in a completely new way.


  • Exhibited
  • files Art Festival, Friesland, The Netherlands
  • Year
  • 2021
  • Type
  • Installation
  • Dimension
  • 30m2 - 150m2

  • Sound
  • Vincent Westra
  • Video
  • Ewout Zwaagman, Blksm
  • files
  • iPhone backlight screens, custom housing, custom electronics, 4D spacial sound, custom software