photo Tane


With the art installation Tane, WERC presents the third member of the Lumo family. Tane is a self-organizing and complex art installation. Once installed Tane lives without further human interference in its environment and is able to survive its creators.

The interactive art installation Tane allows visitors to experience their environment in a new way. The installation consists of hundreds of individual Tane’s that stand on poles and can be recognized by their hexagonal black solar panels. The members of WERC see these Tane’s as small creatures.

The art installation Tane synchronizes with the rhythm of nature and is in direct contact with its environment. Tane makes noise during the day when it charges in the sun and glows at night when it wakes up. Due to the varying weather conditions, Tane has to deal with, the installation shows different light patterns in the evening, which from time to time lead to stunning light spectacles.


  • Permanently exhibited
  • Tokyo, Japan
  • Visiting address
  • Green Springs
  • Tachikawa, Midoricho, 3−1
  • Japan, 〒190-0014 Tokyo,
  • Exhibited
  • Erasmushuis, Jakarta, Indonesia
  • Year
  • 2021
  • Type
  • Installation
  • Dimension
  • Approximately 1500 square meters

  • files
  • Custom electronics, Custom housing, Custom solar panels & Battery, Aluminum poles
  • Photo
  • Daisaku OOZU
  • Video
  • Joshua Maldonado & Ewout Zwaagman (NL) Daisuke Kitayama (JP)
  • Special Thanks
  • Sayuri Fujiwara & Mayumi Taniguchi & Spiral Company

Artistic vision

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Transparent SLA printing Tane lenses
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Newspaper NRC covers Pixi & Tane in art section
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