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A place where emerging young artists can drop by and discuss all their burning questions and ideas about new media arts.

Are you an artist working in digital culture or in new media arts in the North of the Netherlands?

Are you running into any issues technically or conceptually? Are you wondering how you should interact with your installation, is your light art not turning on, do you have any other questions or do you just want to connect? Let’s talk about it during WERC LAB.

In the last 15 years the art collective WERC has developed their technical skills, concepts and network in the new media art sector. And now they are sharing their decade and a half long experience by hosting WERC LAB.

WERC LAB is a place where emerging young artists can drop by and discuss all their burning questions and ideas about new media arts.

If you are interested, write down your question here and we’ll get back to you. Next application deadline April 4th.


  • Grasnapolsky

  • Noorderzon Festival

  • Willow Art space

  • Grand 4

Find out about WERC LAB Artist and Artworks below

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Get in touch with WERC LAB
A place where emerging young artists can drop by and discuss all their burning questions and ideas about new media arts.
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VIDEO BSTRDS consists of Groningen-based musician and producer Daniel Alsina-Santos and Leeuwarden-based video artist Vincent Westra. Their work combines characteristics of experimental dub-techno beats with generative and audio-reactive visuals.
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Artwork: VOID DIVE

Dressed in black and armed with a bucket of computer power, VIDEO BSTRDS take you on an audio-visual journey through time and space. With compelling beats, repetitive mantras, and hypnotic visuals, they create a world of image and sound, a dive into the unpredictability of life. In Void Dive, the duo explores how to embrace overwhelming life.

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Artist: Daniel Alsina Santos
Alsina-Santos graduated from the Minerva Academy in Groningen in 2021 as a visual artist. It works visually and auditorily.
ga naar Artwork: V.A.F.S. (Visible and Audible Frequencies Sweep)
Artwork: V.A.F.S. (Visible and Audible Frequencies Sweep)

The purpose of V.A.F.S. is to ‘cleanse’ visitors of the influences of the outside world and allow them to experience an abundance of sound and color. V.A.F.S. is a combination of seven colors associated with seven sine wave sounds. This is based on the human visual spectrum. Light and sound are both vibrations in physical space. Alsina-Santos links light and sound in this installation. You will not only see the light, but also hear it. You will not only hear the sound, but you will also see it.

  • By Daniel Alsina Santos
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Artist: Wendy Eggen
Wendy works on various projects as a VJ/animator, like live visuals at an EDM event or theatre show and visual installations. I like to combine analog with digital to create nice textures, organic movement and shapes.
ga naar Artwork: TIME TO REFLECT

Do you ever (consciously) take a moment of rest to let all the impressions of a day, week, project or experience land? As a creator, Wendy often comes across this subject. You can’t always go on and use your ‘creative’ brain endlessly. Time is needed to recharge, reflect and then move on to the next project. We move on from day to day and time flies by. Through our experiences we grow, learn and reflect where we are in life. Although we often don’t consciously think about it. With her audio-visual performance Time to Reflect, Wendy takes you into her process of movement, rest and reflection. Live, she mixes hand-drawn animations into a visual show and takes you into her story.

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Artist: Videoband
Vincent Westra, a media art artist, VJ and sounddesigner from the north of the Netherlands.
ga naar Artwork: VISION INVITES 2023
Artwork: VISION INVITES 2023

Audio reactive VJ set and LED-light mapping. In collaboration with Big BSTRDS, Nicole Pereira and Arśaluis Negrisan.

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Artsist: Isabela manea
Isa is a multimedia designer and scenographer, shapes work as a hybrid between the real and virtual worlds, situated within a theatrical context. It delves into the interaction between the tangible and virtual, not only in immersive spaces but also across other platforms and forms.
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ARTWORK: Aqua Luma

Every evening something special happens in the pond in the middle of the Noorderplantsoen. The WERC art collective lovingly and proudly hands over the beam baton to some equally talented friends. Wendy Eggen, Daniel Alsina-Santos, BigBSTRD, VIDEOBAND and IsabelaManea support their most beautiful creations on two fountains in the water. Aqua Luma was created by Studio Frank & Lisa in 2009 and WERC was one of the participants at the time. Now the circle is complete again.

  • By Wendy Eggen, Daniel Alsina Santos, Videoband & Isabela Manea. Photo by Knelis